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The Put Foot Rally Packing List: What to Wear/Where/Bring

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packingWe are sharing our Put Foot Rally packing list here with you.  Your sizes may vary from our hippo sizes, but here is our best guide to fitting all the necessities into none of the space.  We are undecided on whether to include our normal safari get-up or whether we would be the offensive white men sporting native gear.  Please weigh in in the comments, especially if you are from Africa.  We are not sensitive to looking like fools, only being them.

Personal Items:

  • South Africa and Namibia can give off a bit of a chill, while Mozambique and Malawi hit you with the desert summer.  Set for seasons and swimming.
  • This goes for sleeping bags as well.  There are plenty of campsites along the way.  A -1 Celsius bag should do the trick
  • A pop-up tent will save some time and cursing as you set up and break down on the regular
    An optional camping mattress could save you from some stones.  Beware inflatables which could be punctured by said stones sharp pointy bits.
  • Cash monies are required in many areas and check points.  You can find all the check point requirements here, because sometimes plastic is just plastic.
  • Speaking of plastic, it’s not allowed on The Put Foot Rally.  This is about saving the earth.  Bring refillable water bottles (10L maximum per the law in Botswana) and leave the plastic plates, cutlery and straws on the store shelf.
  • Do bring something to eat off and on.  You’ll want a mug for coffee and one for beer.  Also invest in a Potjie Pot to express your skills in the Potjie Pot Competition.  Rally organizers suggest a No. 3 for optimal impressing power.
  • Mosquito repellent is a must.  Even if you have the vaccine, the buggers can be quite the nuisance.
  • Medication and first aid kits.  Pack up the necessities: malaria tablets, anti-histamines, anti-inflammatories, painkillers for your sore bones and tush.  A first aid kit for the rest.  There may be aid available along the way and there may not.  Your insurance may help and it may not.  You may consider some travel insurance.  In any case, prepare to lick your own wounds until you find someone else who will do it for you.  It’s also a great idea to check with your insurance in advance to see what they will cover and make sure you have the international emergency number on hand or in your phone.
  • Speaking of your phone, rev up your portable charger to keep the juice flowing.  And we recommend a auxiliary cord to blast Nicki Minaj as a warning to the lions that you are on your way.
  • Illuminate as you see fit.  We plan to sport headlamps and possibly toss in a lantern for less stylish moments.
  • A sense of humor is required by rally coordinators.  It’s not about winning, it’s about making a fool of yourselves in the best way.  Think of the children, and laugh like them, or like they are laughing at you.
    Potjie Pot

    Potjie Pot

Vehicle Items

  • Tool kit for your attempt at self-repair.  All the necessary wrenches for when they get thrown in your plans and axles.
  • Duct tape, electrical tape and super glue for your heroic efforts.  (Nail polish for detaching glued fingers after your sidekick efforts)
  • An old-school, paper map that you will never be able to fold back correctly.  Sure you’ll have GPS, but don’t rely on it.  Make sure both are up to date.
  • Jerry cans for extra fuel, especially if you a driving a guzzler.  If you have jerry cans, you will also need a fire extinguisher per regulations.
  • T-signs, triangle, and reflective tape.  T-signs are required if you are towing a trailer.  Yellow and blue triangle stickers, small for the front right bumper, big on the back left if you’re towing.  White reflective tape needs to be stuck on the front bumper and red on the back, like a ship at sea i the desert.
  • Emergency triangles in case you break down.  Plan to break down, or you’re not doing it right.
  • Reflective vests will be required and stylish.


  • Driver’s license if you are driving.  If you think your driver may be incapacitated and you may have to drive, have your driver’s license.  If you have never driven a vehicle, get one for our entertainment.  You should have this on hand, but only hand over a certified copy of everything and avoid giving up your ID if you want to get home.
  • Passport that does not expire in the next 6 months and has at least 6 pages to spare.
    Visas if necessary.
  • Original registration papers.  Make copies of everything, but make sure the originals are also in tow.
    Insurance documents, because this ain’t no Sunday drive.  3rd party insurance is mandatory in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. With hired vehicles, it is normally included in the rental, but 3rd party you still need to purchase at the border post.  Find more info on border crossings here.
  • Letter of authority from the owner of the vehicle if that isn’t you.  This also applies if you are making payments.
  • A copy of the owner’s ID and a letter of authority from the owner.
    Affidavit from the police stating that the vehicle is either yours or on loan and will be returning to South Africa.
  • The SAPS Form 263 (“Interpol Vehicle Clearance Letter”).  Alright, this is not required, but if you want to spend more time cruising and less time at border crossing, do it!
  • Some may require proof of a yellow fever vaccination.  See which countries qualify by checking our post regarding vaccinations.

This is our Put Foot Rally packing list so far.  What did we miss?  How do you roll your socks?  Do we need socks?