Michael and Freddy are 2 Euro/Aussie mates that have decided to step into the fun race of a lifetime. Their passion for travelling and adventure is not new, all of them originally from Europe, packed their bags for Down under more than 6 years ago.

They met in Manly Surf Club and while they feel very comfortable driving around an IRB and spending time in aquatic conditions, they decided to put upon themselves to face the remote wilderness of Central Asian deserts through to Mongolia.


Michael Scholz, 31, aka Micha or Scholle, is a passionate soccer player & off-road specialist with his Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. He’s not entirely sure whether he can pull this off in a shitty car to be honest.

The major assets Michael brings to the team are his ability to manage a project from start, his high level planning/project management skills.

Michael possesses a bachelor in International Business IT, a Masters in Design, currently pursues his MBA and has worked as a Product Manager for 7,5 years at SAP before deciding that adventure should be the focus of his life.

Having lived in the UK, China, USA & Australia, Michael brings to the team meticulous attention to detail, a passion to develop robust expedition systems and risk management leadership.


Frederic Chanut, 32, aka Freddy, is an adept of corn chips + salsa and often watch internet comic strips.

His experience of harsh conditions is near zero and his ability to stay calm and composed in a small car with another smelly 1.80m guys for a week is yet to be tested.

Freddy brings to the team his… iPod full of outdated music, a driving genre of his own and humour that will definitely make Michael cringe way before hitting Perth outter suburbs.

To top this un-exhaustive list of qualities, Fred happens to be a big Nerd spending considerable amount of time working on various Digital Marketing projects. This led the team to put him in charge of the Social Media, Website and communication plan. So if anything is not up to your standards, you know who to blame!

He completed a Master Degree of International Business Administration at the Macquarie University in Sydney. His passion for Marketing and all things digital brought him to set up his own Agency: In Marketing We Trust