ShitBox Rally 2014 – Route

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Day 1 – Perth to Meekatharra

And we’re off! The challenge await for the 4,250km route from Perth to Darwin in 7 days, driving cars worth less than $1k on some of Australia’s most challenging roads. With nothing but smooth sealed roads heading out of Perth, shitboxers tend to get a bit cocky when they make it through the first day unscathed. They have no idea what they’re in for.

Day 2 – Meekatharra to Marble Bar
We hit the dirt and the generous folks at Iron Clad Hotel in Marble Bar let us take over the town with the first ever Shitbox Rally wedding.


Day 3 – Marble Bar to Broome

Over 500 Where’s Wally impersonators take on the Australian outback and attempt some river crossings on the way to Broome

Day 4 – Broome to Fitzroy Crossing
Finally, a cruisy day with some stopovers along the coast of Broome where we could enjoy a swim (aka shower). Driving into Fitzroy Crossing we were met with cheers by locals all wanting to hitch a ride in a shitbox and wondering why on earth you’d put a golf course on the roof of a car. Well, that’s shitbox baby.

Day 5 – Fitzroy Crossing to Mt Barnett
The true test of a shitbox: corrugation and river crossings! Day five proved a little too much for some with teams reaching Mt Barnett roadhouse well after midnight and on trailers. This is the biggest triage set up so far and some shitboxes may not see the roads again

Day 6 – Mt Barnett to Victoria River
Over 700kms of unsealed roads on day 6 with over 250 shitboxes attempting to cross the Pentecost River. Many teams rolled into camp after 4am after having traveled along the Gibb River Rd in pitch black with almost zero visibility on the dust covered tracks. Luckily every shitbox made it across the river before sun came down and the crocs came out for dinner.


Day 7 – Victoria River to Darwin
The end of an epic 4,250km journey across Australia, with the largest convoy in Shitbox history and a $1.4 million fundraising target smashed! We rolled into Darwin exhausted, excited and covered in red dust that seemed to have soaked its way through to multiple layers of skin. Regardless of whether their shitbox made it through on it’s own steam or arrived on a trailer, it was a huge effort by all our teams and one that everyone should be incredibly proud of. The official Shitbox Rally documentary is coming late 2014,


Day 8 Darwin
After seven very long days traveling through Australia the Shitbox Rally cars go up for auction and the participants catch a well earned sunset in Darwin!