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Scramble to the Starting Line: Put Foot Rally 2019

By June 15, 2019 No Comments

The countdown has reached mere hours until Put Foot Rally 2019 hits the starting gun. In true Adventourist fashion, our vehicle has fallen apart as have we. We found cracks in the sidewalls of our tyres. The lining of the shoe of our front brake cracked and split off. The ball joints were left somewhere in the desert. We’re taking these breaks as lucky, like a wishbone splitting in our favor. It all looks just as we have come to expect, so this is our comfort zone.

Just like rebuilding our rowing stations the day before R2AK, we plan to be ready to ride in the next 24 hours. We’ll put shoes on our steed and get shoes to the school children on our first shoe drop which hits straight away.  In fact, Kris is so unphased, he took a little time to have some teeth yanked upon arrival to Africa. Take it all apart to get it together!

Incisors? Who needs them!

Brakes? Over rated.

Adventure? Guaranteed.

Come with us on our journey from wherever you are…it’s probably safer that way.

The Adventourists