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Remote Uncontrolled

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sandy island

This remote island has been erased from our maps and may have never existed at all

When the world seems tapped out, the question remains, Is there any place less visited than my bedroom?  Is there somewhere that Google Maps has not tracked?  Is there anything left to discover?  In this series, we will answer those questions.  We will go where few men or women have gone before.  We will seek out places which have been found and lost, places no one dares to go and places which aren’t, or shouldn’t be inhabited.  We are on a quest to prove that these remote places are still out there, using science, math and unsound mind.  Mostly the mind part.  These places aren’t defined in a way that is familiar to us.  They aren’t approved or documented, and certainly are not recommended…except by us.  In the world of connection and GPS, we argue there is much left to explore.  Give us a few beers and we will argue it even more passionately!  Take a seat at our table, raise a glass, and take a trip to some of the most ill-advised places in earth, because, yes, there is still something out there.

You’ll be like the explorers of old.  Consider the first person to sail across the horizon, the first person to explore the Amazon, or the first person to eat an egg.  You’re like one of them, but for the next several weeks.  When I was a child on a plane, I remember the pilot saying we were crossing some borders and could see these lands out the window.  I searched and searched until finally complaining that I could not see them.  I expected everything to be outlined and colored in various pastels.  Luckily, that is not how the actual world works.  Much of it is still a mystery, and we just can’t see it…yet.

Percy Fawcett

Percy Fawcett, Explorer Extraordinaire

Remember the story of Percy Fawcett?  He made several attempts to find the lost city of Z.  It was rumored to be a city full of gold and natives in the heart of the Amazon.  He had several run ins and injuries and suffered from madness, but he kept going back.  He’s our kind of man.  He took his son on his final expedition and they never returned.  Some suspect the worst, but we suspect that he finally found his way and it was just as beautiful and rich as he imagined, so he stayed.  Let’s go looking for Percy and the gold which is the world unknown.