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R2AK Day 6: Hold Fast

By June 18, 2017 No Comments

A short update for day 6.  As we said, we sailed overnight to get to Telegraph Cove, wandered a bit and got back on board to make our way further North.  We managed to make it all the way to Port McNeill for the night.  There we got a missive from Team Freya, who has been keeping pace as a solo sailor.  He was seeking harbor in Port McNeill as well, but was racing against the sunset with no navigation lights.  Luckily there is extra time for light this far north.  Good for sailing, but tricky for sleeping, unless you have been sailing for days on end with little rest and are falling asleep if you can find a pole to lean on for more than a minute.

Mark, the total of Team Freya, has “Hold Fast” tattooed on his fingers.  To this we say, “Yes!”  Freddy and Sandy are sporting temporary tattoos in the form of bruising which resembles a rainbow flag in support of Pride Week in the USA.  Although holding fast comes from a nautical term regarding gripping tight to the ship’s rigging, the urban dictionary translates the usage as, “Times are tough, but ride it out.”  Either way, thanks for the inspiration, Team Freya.

Today we set out to the open water with Dramamine and high hopes of reaching Bella Bella by hook or by crook.