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Paperwork and Circumstance: Border Crossing Put Foot Rally 2019

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In this post we are going to drop a lot of knowledge on border crossing in the Put Foot Rally, like I drop a wedding invitation from my cousin.  Less in the rubbish bin and more in your noggin, so we hope it is helpful.  I’m sure there is a mess we are missing, so if you have done this before, add and add away in the comments.  We need all the help we can get.

This first bit is going to get you through the border crossing from South Africa across the first border to Namibia, at which point you are well on your maddening way.  The additional bits are pieced and parted along the route.

SA to Namibia Vioolsdrift Border Control (RSA) 8:00 – 17:00

Valid Passport with more than 6 months remaining.  Check the expiry date now!

Driver’s License
Valid Driver’s License of the driver (SA drivers license accepted)

Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination
This is required in South Africa and other nations you will be traveling through if you come from certain countries prone to the disease.  Find a list of this and other recommended vaccines for one and all by checking out this action.  If you land in this camp, take your completed International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis card or medical waiver

South Africa = Rand
Nimibia = N$ or Rand
Botswana = Pula
Zambia = Zambian Kwacha
Malawi = Malawi Kwacha
Mozambique = Mozam Metical
*Many of these areas will accept the American dollar, but perhaps not the remote regions you will be breaking down and walking your vehicle Flintstone style.  You can do the math yourself and figure the percentages and points of Australian to American to Kwacha, or just use this link to do the work for you.  Your endurance has been challenged.  This converter can do the maths.

Road Users’ Fee
You may often question why you have been cursed with a fee and not blessed with the road to match, but you will invest in many a fee for the “roads” that you abuse, or they abuse you.  It’s a relationship.
The road users’ fee here is R220 for a normal car with an additional amount of R140 for a trailer or a camper. You can pay with South African or Namibian currency, or maybe a credit card. That credit card is contingent on the process functioning.  Don’t count those chickies.

ZA Sticker
You can get a ZA sticker at any AA Accredited Sales Agent store for about R20, or at outdoor retailers like Safari Centre.

Bring your general disorders, but keep your documents otherwise, or get stuck at the border.
Pulled straight from the authorities on the subject, since we haven’t and won’t be certified by anyone with sense and stamps:
“You have to have proof of ownership of the vehicle owner or rental company; your driving license, as well as a Police Clearance Certificate. The Chassis, engine number, trailer number, and license details will be checked by the police at the border posts. Your vehicle license papers have to be accompanied with a letter from the bank giving you authorization to take the vehicle across the border, including dates. Both the bank letter and license papers should be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths.” I have no idea what a Commissioner of Oaths is, but I am pretty sure you find him in Westeros.

Here is more information we pulled from people who know, because authority was mentioned and we can’t put this in our own unauthorized means.
“Letter of authority If you travel in a rented car or 4×4 in Namibia, you have to have a letter from the rental company giving you permission to take the vehicle out of the country. You do not need police clearance for this.
Cars registered in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana do not need to obtain a Carnet de Passage”

Go official and make your way over here before Africa.

Dobe Border Control

Namibia to Botswana Dobe Border control (Namibia) 07h00-17h00, but there are other crossings at Mamuno and Mohembo.  Look for a tin shed and a tent.  A handmade sign directs the way down a trail that doesn’t look like it would be viable.  They will check for meat, so don’t be slaying the beasts en route.

Botswana to Zambia is just across the Zambezi River.  Take the car over A33 Kazugula Ferry
African Quadripoint.  This is the controversial one place in the world where four nations meet.  Choose your own point mid-river to cross yourself and count your adventures.

Zambia to Malawi Chapati/Mchingi Border crossing is open 24 hrs.  Huzzah!  Prep for a road permit, Insurance, Carbon tax fee and road user charge.  These are only payable in cash, no foreign currencies or credit cards accepted.

Malawi to Mozambique Mozambiqui Chiponde – border crossing open 06:00 – 18:00
Get a letter from the bank allowing your vehicle across the border IF your vehicle is being financed
A Temporary import permit is compulsary for vehicles & must be filled in at the border (only DA341 form).  Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance Certificate (valid for 30 days from date issued and can be obtained from the border) per vehicle & per towed application. If you are towing anything, you will need to attach the BLUE & YELLOW TRIANGLES to the front of your 4×4 and on the back of the towed application.
If you are rolling with $US 5,000 or more, a “Declaration of entry of foreign currency” must be collected and completed at the customs desk
If your vehicle is longer than 6 meters, then you must put reflectors on the front and rear of your vehicle.
Each vehicle must have the 2 red reflective triangles & 2 reflective vests

Partying extra hard for the finish line?  Get your goods when you get there or live by these limitations;

Goods totaling $US 200, inclusive of beer and other consumables, such as meat.
1 (one) litre of spirits
2,5 litres (3 bottles) of wine
2 cartons (or 400) cigarettes