Listed in no particular order of importance, because we couldn’t find any, here we have the fearless (although they might benefit from a little healthy fright, as you will read, shortly) crew of The Adventourist 2017 R2AK team (pictured above from left to right):


Age: 33 according to passport, 6 according to behaviour
Height: 6′ 1/2 ” – 185cm
Weight: Sumo featherweight category
Foods he loves and loves to hate:  He may be able to manage 2 minute noodles if he can keep everything upright for that long, and should be able to avoid raw capsicum, which he believes is the work of the devil.
R2AK fears: Pacific Northwest storms, Michael’s shoes (see Mongol Rally for more details), and the fact that he gets seasick if the bathwater is stirred.
R2AK bonus: Preparation be damned.  Freddy plans to learn to sail once he arrives.  He seems to think sailing for 750 miles is going to cure seasickness, like an allergy shot, while he rides 13 knot winds in a teeny, tiny boat.  There’s no room for his teddy, so he hopes to snuggle a grizzly instead.  He figures it will recognise him as a distant relative.
Sailing Experience:  Freddy has been given the helm of a boat once and managed to crash it into 3 boats at low speed (watch out fellow racers)!  He also almost ran aground once. Sandy and Freddy played a game of chicken against the Manly ferry due to a slightly out of control kite, so he definitely has experience with commercial and shipping lanes.  His natural agility and grace makes him a perfect figure head, and a sailor once praised him as a natural canting keel.  He has no idea what that means and refuses to look it up.  Freddy will make the perfect rail meat if he can hold onto the boat and his last meal.  He would like you to know that he hasn’t set fire to a boat…yet.


Age: 33
Height: 6′ 3 ” – 193cm
Weight: 100kg
Foods he loves and loves to hate:   Michael hopes to have pizza delivered to the boat along the way, but I don’t think it’s cold enough in June to keep his ice cream frozen, even in Alaska.  His hate for glibbery seafood may have him starving after the 4 to forever days it will take to finish the race.
R2AK fear:  Here we have another man with a total lack of confidence in his sailing ability.  He fears for his 5 finger shoes, which he believes Freddy loves.  Apparently he has not yet read Freddy’s profile.  Speaking of stink, Michael fears the cabin will smell like a retirement home once Sandy occupies it with his old age.
R2AK bonus:  If Michael can relax long enough to look around, he imagines the views will be great.  This includes the striking nature along the way and Freddy strapped to the helm of the boat.  He also finds this challenge an appropriate way to gain “experience” and looks forward to having no cell reception to call for help.
Sailing Experience:   Michael has crewed 10 romantic twilight sails with Freddy & Sandy, but can’t seem to remember if he’s raced once or twice.  He has been witness to Freddy’s crashes and near death skills and still plans on sailing 750 miles to Alaska as his mate.


Age: Sandy refers to himself as a youngish 62, as much as Michael begs to differ
Height: 6′ 1/2 ” – 185cm
Weight: 95kg
Foods he loves and loves to hate:  Much like his feelings for Freddy, Sandy has a love/hate relationship with unpopular pieces of animals.  He loves oxtail stew, but doesn’t believe animal stomachs belong in his.
R2AK fear: Yes, bears are scary, but how long is he expected to co-habitate with Freddy in how small of a cabin?  How long before he jumps overboard?
R2AK bonus: Sandy seems to think racing with the above-mentioned crew is going to be a beautiful adventure full of scenery and challenges.  He got the challenges right.
Sailing experience:  Sandy was too busy racing to respond to this question, and does not believe he can fit his sailing experience in the small space provided.  He has sent this missive below, instead.  *Note that someone managed to take a slew of pictures at 30 knots…or so they say*  Thanks to Sandy, Michael and Freddy may survive, and even manage to avoid the Grim Sweeper (more on this in the next post).


Good luck, fellas.  I think you might need it.