Second Prize:
steak knives

Freddy and Michael are taking to the high seas on a water- bound, wind-powered, fool-hearty race from Victoria to Ketchikan.  Actually, we are more likely taking the cowardly cruise of the inside passage, where we trade ocean waves for floating timber threatening to spear our vessel in the middle of the night.  What do we know?  We aren’t sailors.  On that note, we have adult-knapped Sandy as our third mate, since he knows the difference between a sheet and a halyard.  That’s bedding, right?  We’re really hoping to win those steak knives, but we’ll take the 10,000 USD if we have to.  We’ll also take the gale winds, bear encounters and soggy bottoms.  It’s time for the next adventure.

There is a serious lack of rules in the Race to Alaska.
Rule One:  No motors
Rule Two:  Race participants must go through the way points of Seymour Narrows and Lama Passage (Bella Bella) Rule Eight:  No support

Here’s a hint of what our boat is going to look like

I think that’s it.  I was never good at counting.  To quote the fine folk running the race, “This is really dangerous, and all of us at R2AK central advise you not to do it.”  You do know how to tempt us R2AK. Some people may read this and decide to go home to the roof over their head and a nice chianti, but I never liked chianti, myself.  To us this sounds like the siren song of emergency flares and fog horns beckoning us to set sail.

We’re registered and ready.  All we need is a boat.  Anyone have a boat?  See you when the gun goes off at 5am on June 8.  (Wait, did you mean to say 5?  Like, in the morning?)

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