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Gizmo: Don’t Expose it to Light, Don’t Feed it After Midnight, and…

By May 16, 2017 No Comments

Did you know that Gremlins was partly responsible for the PG-13 rating? Just like these films, we act like children, but are completely not suitable. Our next childish undertaking is R2AK, where we will race 750 miles up the Inside Passage from Port Townsend to Ketchikan on a boat with no motor. Although we have yet to meet her in person, we would like to introduce to you, Gizmo, our Harmony 22. That’s 22 feet of sailing mogwai, I mean, monster…just don’t feed her after midnight.

Gizmo comes with a resume worthy of a Chinatown treasure chest. She has won most of her races in South Sound Sailing Society since 2013. They are going to be glad to have her out of their fur, I mean hair, for a while. In fact, Gizmo was all suited up and souped up for R2AK 2016, when her owner’s team combined with another to create Team Golden Oldies meets Team Ghost Rider, and Gizmo was left behind.  Welcome back, Gizmo! Yes, we happened upon an R2AK racer who is providing us with just the boat we need and offering a helping hand as well many helpful hints along the way. ex: “No tragedies yet, though there was one sailor that got attacked by a grizzly and had to escape in his boat leaving his tent behind.”  Really, though, John continues to be amazing and is doing all the prep for us while we squander our days in Australia.

Pretty accurate drawing

Things Gizmo does not have:
A storm sail. No problem. I hear the weather is completely unpredictable and that anyone would be a fool to go into this undertaking without the appropriate gear, boat and skill. Stop poking my Adventourist bones and get me another cup of coffee.

Rowing stations. Manual propulsion sounds a lot like a workout. Boo. People keep mentioning how they have been training for months or the entire year for this event. Does lifting this glass of wine count? Does anyone have some oars we can borrow, and maybe some quads and abs?

Solar panels. How am I going to charge my phone and keep all of you posted on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you should follow us on Facebook and Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/Adventourists/ and @ZeAdventourists. Here’s Instagram for a bonus: the_adventourists Come check out our mugs and ill-fitting spaghetti-strap tank tops.

A nav station. Gotta get me some charts and learn how to read them, or a GPS, or a solar panel to keep that phone charged. I mean, North, right? Seems easy enough.

Oh, and a motor, of course.

We can’t wait to pet, I mean, meet her. The prudent sailor would have taken several trips on their vessel before signing on to such an endurance challenge for both boat and crew. We’ve been called many things, but none of us have ever been described as prudent. We all know the end of the movie and that Gizmo saves the day. And what are the rules? Don’t put them in water? Rules are for people who know what they are doing. R2AK is about lawlessness. And Gizmo is our Adventourist spirit animal.