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Feats of Age: Where We Challenge Our Mid-Life Crisis to a Race to the Finish

By June 15, 2018 No Comments
mohr keet

Mohr Keet, 96

As the starting gun fires on the fourth year of R2AK we look back at our adventures, spy on our past and question our life choices.  This year the fine fellas of Northwest Maritime Center added a rowing challenge, 40 seventy-eight, and some water-babies have taken on the back-to-back challenge of rowing to a sailing race.  One of those people is Karl Kruger who managed 16th place on his SUP and set sail in the wee hours of his birthday to begin R2AK.  Our favorite chocolatier has joined Team Kruger Escapes this year and plans to hang up the keys to the chocolate factory for a life at sea.  Ever increasing age and dropping into retirement has us thinking.  There is always that moment in every adventure when it seems impossible and the real possibility of death stares you in the face and the question looms, “why is this what we do for fun?”

Kimani Maruje, 84

Is this some sort of severe reaction to a midlife crisis?  Our waning years keep pestering us like a bully who invites us to a duel at the bike racks after class.  We meet him there and instead of a tussle, invite him to ride those bikes across the desert.  We may be making our way over the hill, but we plan on cruising down it at top speed and taking our demise on a ride.  To help inspire those of you counting your downward days, we provide this list.  Noah Webster completed his American Dictionary at age 66.  J.R.R. Tolkien completed the first volume of his Lord of the Rings Series at age 62.  And Kimani Maruge began primary school during his 84th year on the planet.  Here are some amazing humans who had the adventure of a late-lifetime:

Simon Murray took a 1200km unsupported trek to the South Pole at age 63

Pavel Rezvoy rowed solo across an ocean at 67

Minoru Saito sailed around the world…backward (against the prevailing winds) when he was 77

William Ivy Baldwin stretched a tight rope across the South Boulder Canyon and strolled across it on his 82nd birthday

Gladys Burrill ran a marathon at age 92 earning her the name “Gladyator”

Mohr Keet took his first bungee jump like a teenager at 96

Teiichi Igarashi conquered Mount Fuji when he was a ripe 100

Either these mates are kicking for a couple centuries, or we have something to learn.  Now that we have looked back on the sails and motorcycles and junk cars gone by, we are inspired to know that the best may still be waiting for us at the bike racks.  Stay tuned for the next adventure where we promise to be older, but not at all wiser.

gladys burrill

Gladys Burrill, 92