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Days 7 & 8: The Sail to Bella Bella, Out, and Back Again

By June 21, 2017 No Comments

Don’t you dare make jokes about boomerangs as we tell you this story.  The short of it is that we made it to Bella Bella, the second way point in The Race to Alaska, then we left Bella Bella for the big water, and now we are back again.  We’ve lost a good six hours on this out and back, so basically we’ve gone back in time.  Cue Huey Lewis while we give you the news.

Teenagers, mad scientists and Adventourists aren’t always known for making the most reasonable decisions, like sneaking out, test driving unreliable vehicles, and taking on a leg of a journey in some of the wettest weather with hardly noticeable wind and adverse current.  Sometimes, like our trip to Bella Bella, they do all of these things as once.  The wind was fluky if it arrived at all.  The downpour was intense and we spent a good amount of time bobbling around doing nothing.  Once we finally arrived in Bella Bella, we took the time to dry our clothes and plan the next leg of the journey.  There was much debate and only a little arm wrestling over whether to stay protected on the inside, which also means protection from wind, making a slogging journey, or to head out into the big water to make up some time.  Going big won out and we headed out last night to catch some finally favorable conditions.  On our way to the big, scary ocean, as jaws music played in our heads, all the power seeped right out of the boat and all went dark as our battery went flat.  No lights.  No navigation.  No sense in going on, we were force to spin a u-turn and head back to Bella Bella to recharge.  We are hoping the problem stems from a low charge since the weather has been so crappy and dreary, and the problem isn’t actually with the panel.

We sure could use a flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts right about now.  Of course we don’t have any plutonium on board, but we do have a real big lightening rod and a decent amount of trash should we build in a Mr. Fusion.  Fear not, Team Adventourists is not fading from the picture just yet.  We are picking up the guitar and rocking full tilt.  The plan is to ring the bell and have Gizmo on a barge back to Seattle on the 27th.  That’s one week.  One week has nothing on Marty McFly.