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Day 4: Anything is Fixable…Well Almost Anything: Taking on the Narrows and Taking Down the Rum

By June 16, 2017 No Comments


It turned out that through our massively impressive sailing and the combo of rampant wind and waves, we had managed to work the pin right out of the lower pintle of the rudder. We were stuck over night and waiting for the store to open in the morning. Nothing says R2AK quite like improvising. We decided a bolt would work just fine to hold us together. This is pretty simple compared to the “shut up and keep sailing” style of Team Harbinger. The same day, they hit a wave jibing around a ferry which blew one their forestays, causing the bowsprit to fall off and take 3 feet of foredeck with it. Their answer? We can totally sail like this, and they kept on going…only to start taking on water because their bilge pump had stopped working. Their answer? Totally fixable. Lets just sail to Vancouver where they have better stores and good beer. This ain’t nothin a couple of 2x6s can’t fix. Turns out that wasn’t true, but they went through with the plan, sailed the boat in its destroyed condition and came back with blocks of wood in hand. Once they realized they had to unstep the mast to complete the fixes, they finally gave in and bowed out. Bolts on and hats off to you Team Harbinger. Way to live up to your name!


After waiting for stores to open and getting the bolt in place, we still missed our window on Seymour Narrows and had to wait to take our shot. It was smooth sailing, and we put up our pole to impress ourselves, since there wasn’t really anyone else around. We did take this video footage, though, so everyone who was long gone could still revel in our passage.

Forecast: wind, tides and dread

Then we pulled up and waited out the incoming tide and gale force winds. In fact the forecast heading our way is looking like 30, 40, even gusting to 50 knot winds across the entire course.  There’s one bar in this area, which closes at dusk, but that’s nothin a little bottle of Kraken (I couldn’t help myself) couldn’t fix. Tomorrow we need to get at least a little further north to explore more bars, or you know, areas. As of writing this, there are other teams with grander expectations. Team Bad Kitty had a little set back and now the race looks neck in neck between Team Pure & Wild/Freeburd and Team Big Broderna. The locals are calling the forecast for Johnstone Strait a potential “snot fest.” Regardless, it’s looking like one of these team will soon be plucking 10,000 USD off a tree. (In R2AK, money does, in fact, grow on trees. Well, it’s nailed on, anyway.) We’ll pick up the pace when the Grim Sweeper starts heading our way. For now, we snuggled in, sipped some rum and made some new friends with bald eagles and this little guy.