The Ice Run

9th and 10th March – Last day ice trainning

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Riding, sorry, jumping over open cracks full of icy water, getting ourselves out of deep snow, managing the bike a little better was the main part of our ice training.

On our way we felt the ice sheet cracking under our feet, imagine a canon shot followed by an earthquake. This got us on edge for the rest of the day.

Ice and snow camping takes a toll on you. If you are lucky not to get cold at night you will wake up to find everything frozen.
The condensation inside the tent creates frost covering everything. Your wet boots are now frozen and unless you thought about taking your liners inside your sleeping bag your are up for a rough start.

Nevertheless. The days are a lot more pleasants now with temperature rising to -5oC. This makes for a very enjoyable ride.

Panther, or Panzer as her nickname goes, is doing well. 1 team has already smashed the gearbox and had to swap their ride. Now, no more back up for parts…

We are now 1/2 hr away from the launch party in an ice cave. They suggested to also bring our swimsuits and towels. I think we have found our opportunity to do something silly after all…