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What Goes Up, Must Come Down: Embracing the Fall

By November 25, 2018 No Comments

I always liked climbing trees, but the trick is getting down.  Who wants to come down?  The adventure is the climb, finding footholds, impressing the neighborhood ladies.  The achievement is finding the perfect crook to perch in and proclaim your greatness.  There is no glory in coming down.  There is far less grace and strength, and far more fear.  You are best to await the departure of the neighborhood ladies who eventually become bored with your bravado and leave you stranded in the heights while they head off to supper.  Then there is the inevitable drop, when you have to let it all go.

So when deciding to climb a mountain, that is the Behemoth rising above the Serengeti, one must consider the coming down of it.  There is the disappointment and, dare I say, boredom, of retracing your steps, seeing what you have already seen, and finding yourself right back where you began.  The land lifts it’s nose and rolls her eyes at you like the neighbor girl.  Does it not recognize that this journey has transformed you?  Does it not care?


But wait!  What if there is the option to take a further leap, step right off the height and let go before you are forced to do so?  What if there is the option to fly?  Step off the cliff and rise in the thermals before you fall.  Celebrate the new being you have transformed into.  If you could see me now, Sally (aka neighbor girl)!

paraglidingActually, it may not be so glamorous in practice.  I may hit the ground again shortly after lift off, but that is one of the best parts, the fact that you may touch down again.  That when you take wing like the superhero you think you have become, you must not lose sight of the world around you.  In fact, you are instructed to run like a cartoon in the air.  After your kite takes flight, you are like Wile E. Coyote pedaling away at the sky in case your feet touch the ground again.  This way you are still in motion, always propelled onward and ready to take on the world when it rises up again to meet you.  This is how we take control – and lessons.  Lot’s of lessons.  But adventure, that is the real life lesson.  You can be the judge whether we pass or fail.  You and Sally, she’s always judging.


Coming Soon:  Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Paraglide Down September 2019