The Ice Run

7th March -3rd Day – Irkutsk to lake Baikal

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We leave Irkutsk with great excitement, trepdation.

Panther, our bike is purring like a very big cat with a bit of a cold.

Driving through the centre was beautiful. Typical siberian ornamented building next to beautiful russian churches with green and blue domes.
Outskirts of the city tell a different story away from tourist eyes. Blocks after blocks of communist housing. Many units abandoned. Broken windows, broken cars and many young people with a face washed by the curbside of the road, tell tales of a harsh life growing up in a jobless environment.
Our short appearance still drawing a fww smiles as we wave by in our mighty steeds.

A touch cold, -26oC today. Right now enjoying unexpected warm stay.

Listening to the hostess singing old folklore songs along with an accordeon. The kind of russia you read inEdit the book of old.

Tomorrow sleeping on the ice. Apparently very wind rough patc on the way there.